Köln - Cologne - Hohenzollernbrücke Köln 2005
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The Kite Buggy Experience - sun downer and kind of dusty sand movie.
No Clouds. Just the wind, the sand and the sky.
Edited for those days, when the beach is far away ...
Written in September 2014. Composed in Januar 2016.
Music: "Blue Thursday (Reaktor Dub Mix)", Rom Di Frisco

Short Film about Cologne Pianist Patrick Dieter,
some lovely impressions about his studio and some musical memories,
thinking of and didicated to Amy Winehouse.

"Ocean may fly"
Written in September and October 2014 in Borkum (Germany) and Les Hemmes/Calais (France). Arranged in March 2016.

"Floating Elements"
Texel, Netherlands. Riding with a kite buggy the near north sea coast - in one action shot -
highlighted with classical music including piano and strings.

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